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Endless Adventure Activity Day, Tubing and Gorge Walking – 30.04.13

With the snow pretty much thawed and the rivers in good condition, it was a great time to get Tom and Pip from The Town Wall in Newcastle out for an adventure.  The prior arranged pick up was at the The Town Wall in Newcastle city centre, close to all the bars stag and hens group visit on their nights out. We headed off to Ashgill Beck for our first activity , gorge walking.  After getting changed and heading into the beck, we completed the easier warm up features before moving on to the most intimidating feature, step off.  The guys were very capable and plucked up the courage quickly to take on the challenge.    The rest of the features went well with good levels and enthusiasm from the guys.


 After a quick walk around the back of the big waterfall, Ashgill Force, we headed on for a lunch and coffee stop in Middleteon in Teesdale.

A short drive up to Low Force on the river Tees and we were on for tubing and cliff jumping.  The guys did excellent with only one flip down the whole of the rapid.  Thankfully we caught this on camera


 After a solid day of adventure we returned to Newcastle, rewardingly tired.  Hope to see  the rest of The Town Wall crew out with us soon.

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