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Extreme Adventures in Newcastle

Extreme Adventures in Newcastle

There’s a reason why so many people travel to Newcastle for the weekend.
If it isn’t the canny Geordie folk of the North East, then is must be the blue flag beaches of the North East Coast or the white water rapids of the North Pennines.

To be honest, we are truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing coastline and countryside.

Now, back to the blog title – Extreme activities in Newcastle. Well, that was a slight lie, there’s nothing that extreme in Newcastle, other than the Big Market on a Friday night. However, if you are willing to travel for up to an hour of the City Centre, you really can choose from some epic adventures.

We’ve taken the time to compile a list of what we deem our most extreme activities and explain what you could expect from some of these activities.

1. Kayak Extreme:

Coming in at number 1 for the most extreme activity the North East has to offer – Kayak Extreme.
Kayak Extreme is new to Endless Adventure for 2021. We’ve been trialling it with groups for almost 6 month and the feedback has been nothing but excellent.
These two person inflatable rafts are an absolute hoot. And no, you are not in their with a guide, it’s just you and your friend.
Navigate the rapids, surf the waves, punch through river holes and try not to swim. Sound like fun, that’s because it is.

We can cater for up to 22 people on this adventure.
The activity is located just 30 minutes from Newcastle City Centre. Absolutely perfect for your 2021 Stag, Hen or Birthday adventure.

2. White Water Tubing:

We have been delivering White Water Tubing adventures for nearly 9 years. During that time, we have had 4358 people take part in this adventure and there’s a reason why it continues to be one of our most popular adventures!
The great thing about White Water Tubing, it gives you the full experience of extreme White Water without putting you at risk.

We will begin your session with a quality safety brief followed by a lesson in swimming in white water. Don’t worry, it starts super easy, giving you the skills and confidence needed to enjoy your day.
Likewise with the tubing, you will start easy, getting your confidence high before you take the rapids.

You and your tube will take on white water of grade 4 – What’s that I hear you say – Well, River Grades start at grade 1 and top out at 6. Grade 1 is your gentle flowing lazy river, where as Grade 6 is pretty much… well, put it this way, you wouldn’t get down Grade 6 in a White Water Tube; picture Niagara Falls.

One thing is guaranteed from White Water Tubing, you will get wet and your friends will point and laugh at you.
Suitable for Stags, Hens, groups of friends and team days out.
We also offer this adventure as part of our Open Session events. These dates are aimed at small groups (less than 6) or individuals.


Participant going off the waterfall in their white water tube

“One thing is Guaranteed from White Water Tubing, you will get wet and your friends will point and laugh at you”

3. Coasteering:

Coasteering is the ultimate way to explore the North East coastline. But what is it?
Coasteering is a combination of rock and water activities. There are elements of rock climbing, scrambling, cave diving, jumping, swimming and exploring.
If you want to do one adventure and tick all of the boxes, Coasteering on the North East coast is for you.

As it’s the North Sea and typically quite cold, sessions do not start until May.
However, regardless of the time of year, you will always be supplied with winter wetsuits, wetsuit socks and gloves. We want to ensure you enjoy your time in the sea.

Session times vary depending on the tide, it isn’t in either of our interests to offer a rigid pickup time. You will need to contact us to discuss the best possible session, this may be a little earlier or later than you hoped for, but it will be worth it.

Coasteering is just 25 minutes from Newcastle. We can provide your transport or you can meet us at the venue. We will provide all of your equipment and photos of your day. All you need is a pair of trainers, a towel, some spare underwear and a pair of shorts to pop over your wetsuit.
Wetsuit boots are not suitable for this activity.


4. Gorge Walking:

Gorge walking was the adventure w


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