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Gorge Walking in 2021

Whats the Difference Between…

Gorge walking is an outdoor activity that tends to take place in remote locations. Gorge Walking is often referred to as Ghyll Scrambling or Canyoning, although they are all different.  Our friends over at Red Bull break down some of the best bits in Gorge walking here. We call this activity Gorge Walking Newcastle because its within 60 minutes of the city.

How does the Activity Work?

Here at Endless Adventure North East, you can expect an exploration of one of the North East’s most stunning gorges. Your journey will begin with a safety briefing, equipment checks and an opportunity to get to know your guides. You will quickly feel right at home. Our staff are very friendly and welcoming; their experience is extensive, and this will shine through in your adventure.

The Gorge Walking Journey

Your gorge walking journey involves a number of different challenges, with elements starting easy and progressing along the way. You’ll be pleased to know; all elements are completely optional.
You will begin with a gentle stroll upriver. Navigating your way through chutes of water, climbing over small waterfalls and river boulders – You can see why in Ireland it is called River Bouldering.
Once acclimatised to the water, it’s time for the main events. Our gorge walking venue is packed with adventure; with everything from 1ft leaps to 18ft leaps, 2ft waterfall climbs to 15ft waterfall climbs, natural rockslides and so much more.

Something for Everyone

One of the great things about Gorge Walking is that it is suitable for all group types, small or large, experienced or not. Our staff team have become accustom to adapting their delivery to meet the needs of everyone in the group. Believe it or not, we use the same venue for our Newcastle Stag activities as we do with our family adventures. We choose the elements to meet the needs of the group, giving you the best possible experience.

Our guides are there to encourage you, but not force you to do anything you do not want to do. Don’t forget, all elements are completely optional.


Q – What equipment do I wear when taking part in Gorge Walking?

A – When taking part in Gorge Walking there are some essential pieces of equipment that you must wear and some that will add a bit of comfort to your experience. When you book with us, we will provide you with everything you need to keep you warm and comfortable: wetsuit, wetsuit socks, buoyancy aid, helmet and a jacket for the colder days.

Q – What will I need to take with me when I go Gorge Walking?

A – Trainers with a sturdy sole, a towel and some swimwear to wear under your wetsuit. Please remember, sandals, flip flops and crocs are not suitable. Footwear must lace up and have a sturdy sole.

Q – How long will the adventure take?

A – You can expect to be on site with us for 3 hours. This will include introductions, a short safety briefing, equipment checks and time to relax into your adventure.

Q – Will I get hurt when Gorge Walking?

A – As with all adventurous activities, there are inherent risks. However, we have been delivering this adventure for many years without issue. You should follow instructions at all times and go at your own pace (there’s no rush). All elements are completely optional. You can expect your session to be very progressive and our instructors will be on hand to keep you safe at all times.

Q – Where is the activity located?

A – The activity is located in the North Pennies approximately 50 minutes from the A1 Newcastle.

Q – What Covid 19 procedures are in place?

A – Here at Endless Adventure North East we have implemented a lot of changes in line with government guidelines and customer expectations. You can find out more by visiting our Covid-19 Adventure’s page.

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