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Gorge Walking, Tubing & Raft Gear Ideas

So if you’re thinking of venturing into the wilds of the UK this spring, summer or winter you will need to think about what gear you might want to get a hold of.  Our trips come with the essentials for the time of year but if you’re venturing out without us these ideas will hopefully steer you in the right direction.


If you’re going to be in water some things are essential and some will just make you a little more comfortable.  Our gorge walking and whitewater tubing activities are where having the right gear comes into its own.  Things that we recommend:

Wetsuit:  Holds water close to your skin, once your body warms it up you will feel the benefit.  They are available in a variety of thickness’s generally from 2-5mm.  All kinds of stitch types and glued seams.  Depending on how much you will use it will depend on your budget.

Wetsuits Socks:  In the height of summer you might be too warm but if you feel the cold or your heading out for along time they might come in handy.  In winter they are a must and really take the edge of.  Socks are available in the same thicknesses etc as wetsuits.

Buoyancy Aid:  Essential in most water sports to keep you on the surface if things don’t go to plan.  The bulk of them does hinder in some sports like surfing but we would recommend them until you have sufficient experience to decide for yourself.

Helmet:  Needed in adventure activities where unexpected contact with rocks and other hard items is likely.  Normally adjustable to fit a range of sizes but some come in small, medium and large.

Wetsuit Gloves:  Very similar to socks and coming in the same varieties.  The thicker the glove the lower the dexterity, for canyoning and activities that need some nimble finger use go with a “less is more approach” so you can still function while you’re out there.

Rash Vests:  These come in a few different types, some are thin neoprene, just like a wetsuit, these will keep you slightly warmer while still minimising any rubbing of your wetsuits.  Other varieties are purely for minimising rashes and a nylon, lycra combo.

Neoprene Hat:  If you really like getting wet and will be submerged a lot, especially in winter these will really help with what a lot of people call ‘ice cream head’ .’Ice cream head’ is just a really odd and unpleasant cold head experience, best avoided.

We use CircleOne wetsuits and gloves, durable, good quality and warm, they are a brand that has stood the test of time.

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