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Mental Health and The Outdoors

We are very excited to announce that we have started working with Lighthouse Therapy Group (aka Lighthouse Adventures) who are a community interest company located in Washington. Mark, Sarah and the team at Lighthouse Adventures are on a mission to get people to rethink how they should be addressing and looking after their mental health.
Mark tells us that not all mental health issues arise from trauma, grief or historical events, but that so much individual unease derives from a disconnection within various elements of an individuals life.

It’s fascinating to hear Mark tell us how easy it is for people to loose themselves in the system of modern society and become trapped in a world which deprives them of the very things that make them feel alive. He explains that people are feeling disconnected with each other, with nature and also disconnected from their true self.

Their vision is to help people reconnect with ‘their’ lives and what better way to do that then by getting back to basics and embracing the great outdoors through adventure.


“One thing that this Covid pandemic has shown us is that a vast majority of us have been stuck in a routine of ‘work, eat, sleep and repeat.”

Light House Therapy Group


We are so proud to be working with Lighthouse Adventures on their latest National Lottery funded project – “Reconnecting our Key Workers”. They/We aim to provide invaluable mental health support to frontline key workers in Washington.

They recognise the strain that the recent pandemic has had on the families of key workers and together we are going to help these families reconnect with each other and also connect with other families who are experiencing similar. We’re going to do this by doing what we do best, helping people connect with the great outdoors and connect with some Endless Adventure.

Please feel free to check out Lighthouse Adventures which is part of the Lighthouse Therapy Group family and show your support by liking their page on Facebook.

To support Light House Therapy group, our very own Mark Fletcher has pledged to cycle 750 miles/ 1208km in the Month of January as part of their M.A.D January (Mile A Day) initiative.

What is M.A.D January?

Lighthouse Therapy Group are hoping to recruit as many people as they can to join them in their Mile A Day challenge throughout January. They hope to raise awareness of how being active can have a positive impact on our wellbeing and mental health, and even better if we can get outdoors and enjoy the fresh, crisp winter air. But….. even if winter brings us a less than crisp and bright outlook….there’s no such thing as bad weather…….just the wrong clothing! So put on your coat, hat and gloves and get out and enjoy walking, running or cycling a mile every day in January 2021! If walking, running or cycling doesn’t sound appealing, why not mix it up a little and pledge to get active every day and visit the gym, join an exercise class, go for a swim or choose from a variety of YouTube home workouts!

Their Mile a Day challenge is open for anyone and everyone wanting to get involved. Complete the registration form in the link below and sign up to 31 days of being active throughout January 2021. Record your miles or activity on a fitness app such as Google Fit, Strava or FitBit and complete your daily activity log sheet to present at the end of the challenge to gain your certificate.

It is completely ‘FREE’ to join in and on completion of the M.A.D january challenge you will recieve your very own M.A.D January 2021 certficate. There is also the option of purchasing one of our exclusive M.A.D January 2021 tech t-shirts, to wear proudly while you’re out and about getting active and helping raise awareness of our local initiative. Signing up to the challenge can help us all get the year off to a M.A.D start!

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