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Summer Is Here!

Summer Adventures

It’s landed with a bang, after some pretty chilly days over winter and our busiest ever Winter and Spring season, its official, Summer Is Here!

Our activities are always great but some Summer Sun is always welcome and it makes everything even better, check out the forecast here for England for the rest of the Month.

So what’s the hottest adventure in the 2018 Summer season:

1: Gorge Walking and Whitewater Tubing

A seasoned favourite which is perfect for a stag party and the hens think its great too.  Coupled with some of our packages including very competitive stag and hen accommodation this can really make a weekend.  Don’t forget our trips are hassle-free, easy booking with our deposit system and include licensed free transport.

Here’s a cheeky link at whats on offer:



Gorge Walking 

2: Adventure Rafting

This activity has exploded this season with families and friends coming together and having a hoot on our rafts.  These boats are really forgiving, easy to paddle and super stable.  I use super stable loosely as most of the time they end up on end or upside down, only if the whole crew are on board with the idea of getting wet.  Our favourite activity on this one has mixed success, but is fun none the less; its called the “Stag ‘o’ Pult”, stag can be substituted for any victims name, don’t worry.  The Stag’o’ Pult see’s the ‘stag’ in this case ejected from the raft rapidly and landing at some crazy angle in the water.  Great fun and one for the whole group to enjoy.

3: Team Building

In the workplace or as part of a special occasion, team building activities have been super popular this season.  With a range of aims and objectives, we have offered a record number of days for large businesses.   Whether you would just like some time outside of the office with your team or have some specific objectives, we can help.

We operate across the North but our main hub is Newcastle, we are always on hand if you need advice about adventures in the area and have extensive knowledge of activities, even the ones we don’t offer ourselves.  Get in touch if we can help.



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