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Top Ten Outdoor Activities in Newcastle

Top Ten Outdoor Activities – Newcastle 

Looking for some fun daytime activities for your Stag Weekend or Hen Party?  Here are our Nights Out In Newcastle Top Ten Outdoor Activities.

So get ready to put some adrenaline and adventure into your weekend away with the very best in outdoor excitement.

So, in no particular order prepare yourself for some fun, cheeky, challenging and down right crazy things to do on your big weekend.    Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments and we’d love to here from you, so here we go…


One of the most popular choices for stag weekends the appeal of paintball is plain to see, get tooled up, pick your teams and go shoot your mates with a barrage of painful paint!

That’s not to say Hen parties don’t get in on the action with more and more hen parties choosing to swap the cocktail classes and pole dancing parties to don the camouflage and pepper their friends with paint!

It has long been said paintball brings the best and worst out of a group, so whether you’re the gung-ho action movie fan diving over logs while spraying pellets willy nilly, the cautious camouflaged coward biding his time or the over serious closet commander planning out complex tactical manoeuvres while barking orders at your team, you are guaranteed a good time.

Exhilarating, action-packed and adreneline fuelled paintball is a great way to spend a day with sessions lasting around three and a half hours.  One of our top tips is to get the groom in fancy dress so everyone can spot him a mile off, cruel but hilarious fun.  You can find out more about paintball packages here.


Whitewater Tubing

Whitewater Tubing Newcastle is perfect for Stag and Hen groups.  Take on some of the most exciting rapids in the UK; this adrenaline filled adventure is a perfect activity to get your big weekend started in style.

Fast and furious, this is a great one to do and guaranteed to make your trip a memorable one and even comes with free photos included.  Your tube will make your way down whitewater graded up to class 4+, the very definition of extreme.

You can challenge yourself further with a waterfall jump before we head for home or combined with gorge walking to make a longer day of adventure.

Whitewater Tubing

Accompanied by experienced and qualified instructors you are equipped with all the specialist equipment required and accompanied by highly trained and experienced guides who tailor the trip perfectly to your level of ability so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Transport is available from a pre-arranged location of your choice in Tyne and Wear, Durham, Tees Valley, Northumberland as well as parts of Cumbria and North Yorkshire.  The vehicles are modern and comfortable, plus all of the drivers are professional drivers and the company holds a PSV operators license for your peace of mind.

The question is: have you got what it takes?  Click here to find out more.


Quad Bikes

Quad Biking has the perfect combination of mud, power and adventure to make your afternoon a great one as you blast across the rugged landscape at speed.

Fully automatic 150cc Kymco quad bikes are designed to conquer all types of ground.    These all terrain vehicle can really take on the worst wet sloppy mud to battered dried out earth.   Helmets and overalls are provided and a thorough introduction to the activity is given from a fully qualified instructor who will fill you in on those all-important do’s and don’ts!

You’ll start off with a few test drives around the tracks so you can get to grips with the bike and become familiar with the track, all good fun and won’t take too long to get the hang of so you can tackle twists, turns and sharp bends on the tough terrain.

To learn more click here.


Go Karting

The classic stag do activity for many it is all about battling it out with your mates to find out who is the king of speed!

Everyone fancies themselves as the next Ayrton Senna and now is the time to find out if they are all talk or the real deal.  With 450 metres of multilevel track, nine sharp bends, 100 metres on the straight to really get your speed up, and an average of just 32 seconds to get all it done, this go-karting experience will really test your ability to the max.

Each member of the party will be provided with all the essential safety equipment for the session such as helmets and overalls, before meeting your host who will give you a full safety briefing and introduction to the session.

This is Newcastle’s premier circuit and the facilities really are top-notch, with free parking, changing rooms and lockers, as well as drinks and snacks.

So will you be spraying your envious friends down with champagne as you take the chequered flag or taking the flack for finishing last?

To find out more click here.


Bubble Football

One for those who don’t take themselves too seriously.   Step into a giant inflatable transparent sphere and take part in a series of fun and challenging games.  Football is a game of skill, poise and balance but what happens if you stick each player in a big inflatable ball?  Zorb football!

Take down your teammates with a bump and laugh while they roll helplessly around on the floor.  Score a goal if you can avoid being bashed by a big, round inflatable bubble on legs.  The session will be run by a host who will make sure you get a good game and plenty of laughs.  You can also try games like Zorb Shootout, Capture the Flag and more.

To find out more click here.


Gorge Walking and Ghyll Scrambling

Based from Newcastle, gorge walking or ghyll scrambling as it’s sometimes known, gives a rush of adrenaline and excitement.   You will climb your way up stunning gorges packed with natural rockslides, 15ft faith leaps and step offs.

If you want non-stop excitement, this is the activity for you!  Perfect for stag and hen weekends it is a great way to get your group fired up for your big night out.  It can also be combined with Whitewater Tubing in the same day with a short drive apart as a break between adrenaline fuelled activities.

Introducing Gorge Walking

from Endless Adventure North East

Trips include transport, free photos, equipment, as well as friendly expert guides who will tailor your adventure specifically for you.  You can get a lift from your accommodation, home or work, whichever you prefer.  The vehicles are modern and comfortable, plus all of the drivers are professional drivers and the company holds a PSV operators license for your peace of mind.

Typical trips take around 5 hours and include lunch.

To find out more click here.


Rage Buggies 

These little beauties are available as part of LNOF hardcore adrenaline package combining three driving elements to give you the best in speed, precision and all terrain capability.

It all kicks off with a karting Grand Prix race, a rage buggy rally and an off-road driving expedition.  Drivers can race on the 1.2km circuit in 390cc Sodi Karts capable of reaching 60mph on the straights.

Next come the Rage Buggies, fitted with 998cc V twin engines, making them extremely fast and impressively responsive. You’ll race in twos on a 900m special rally stage.

Finally the 4×4 experience uses ex-army Landrovers that are specifically built for tough terrain, so you will be able to tackle some very challenging courses.

There is also food and drink included in this package too so you can refuel after all that action.

To learn more click here.


Play with a Legend 

Relive your childhood dreams of playing in the FA cup against your favourite players, nutmegging the opposition and scoring the winner past a world-class keeper.   But this time instead of jumpers for goalposts you can play on a real pitch with your childhood heroes.

You can choose from a line-up of over 60 footballers, even combining with the NUFC Play on the Pitch experience to play at St James if it is available!

We can’t pay you 100 grand a week but we can make your dreams come true!

Complete with match officials this is a once in a lifetime experience.  This epic activity is the brainchild of ex-Arsenal winger, Perry Groves and sports journalist Josh Landy.

Just some of the players available include Newcastle’s Dietmar Hamann, Rob Lee, Ruel Fox, John Beresford and Steve Howey.

For a full list of players or more info click here.

LNOF Play with a Legend


Rally Driving

Fulfil your need for speed with this adrenaline-fuelled package from LNOF.

This half-day rally driving activity will have you testing a combination of pinpoint precision and ballsy fearlessness.

You and your group can take part in three test sessions before putting your newly homed skills to the test in the final timed session.

This course is situated just outside of the city, so you can take in the beautiful North East countryside as you go bombing through it at breakneck speeds.

To find out more click here.


Adventure Rafting

One for the really adventurous water lovers amongst us you will not be disappointed with this choice.  One of our absolute favourites here at Nights Out In Newcastle, you’ll be tossed around by the force of the North Sea as you battle the waves with your mates.  Teamwork really is the name of the game so try not to laugh to hard if one of your group gets wiped out by the surf!

Perfect for stag and hen weekends Adventure Rafting is one of a kind; based from one of several beaches close to Newcastle our expert instructors will run through some classic challenges ensuring you get thoroughly soaked.

Adventure Rafting

from Endless Adventure North East

The gladiator jousting will leave only one person standing, make sure it is you!

Transport is included from a pre-arranged location of your choice in Tyne and Wear, Durham, Tees Valley, Northumberland as well as parts of Cumbria and North Yorkshire.

Free photos are available as well as the opportunity to purchase a feature length HD video for only £10 per person.

A buffet style lunch with drinks can also be arranged for only £7.00 per person.


This guest blog was brought to you by Paul Walton from Nights Out In Newcastle.

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