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What is Gorge Walking?

So what is gorge walking…? Gorge walking really is an activity to remember, not to be often confused with canyoning and ghyll scrambling. Gorge walking slots in between them both with canyoning being more adventurous and ghyll scrambling being slightly less. Our main gorge walk at Endless Adventure North East is easily accessible from Newcastle Upon Tyne by a short drive. It is perfect for a day trip with friends or a stag or hen party in Newcastle. Not so long ago in 2013, the cast of Geordie Shore took a day out and tried what is a brilliantly unique activity. Although they weren’t with us they had a fantastic time in series 7 of the hit show.

Ghyll Scrambling jump option

So what is gorge walking? In particular what is gorge walking at Ashgill Beck?

Comprising scrambling, climbing, sliding and jumping you will travel along the course of Ashgill Beck from its confluence on the upper South Tyne to the mighty Ashgill Force waterfall. On the way you will plunge into beautiful pools, step into to tight channels and slide down natural bed rock rapids.
Have a look at the video here: Gorge Walk Video

Culminating in the pool of a 50ft waterfall, what could be better? One thing that can make it better is adding a second activity, like an abseil off the huge Ashgill Force waterfall or whitewater tubing on the river Tees which is a short drive away.  For more details about gorge walking Newcastle follow this link.

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To summarise its an incredible activity suitable for all sorts of people and occasions, birthdays, stags, hens to name a few.
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