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Family Adventure with Endless Adventure North East
We will work with you to meet your curriculum needs



  • Bespoke learning for your young people
  • Collaborating with your team to create the perfect program
  • Enrichment days like no other
  • Long term programs catering for KS1 - KS5


Here at Endless Adventure North East we have an excellent team of instructors with diverse backgrounds. Some of our team are especially skilled at working with younger students, while others excel at working with young people who are at risk of being removed from mainstream education.

Our expertise in adventure training and education is unmatched. We understand the benefits of outdoor and experiential learning, and our activities are tailored to suit different levels of learning; from early key stage to GCSE.

Our activities have a strong learning orientation while still maintaining the importance of having fun. All our activities are designed to challenge individuals and promote teamwork and collaboration. Our activities can be customised to meet curriculum requirements or individual development needs.

Endless Adventure North East hold a valid 3 year Adventurous Activity License. To meet the standard of a 3 year license does not come easy and is far from common. You can view our license here.
Leading up to your adventure, we will ensure you have all the relevant information documentation for submitting health and safety forms and preparing your young people for their adventure.

Some key benefits to Outdoor Learning:

Real-world applications: Learning through hands-on experiences and real-world scenarios can help students better understand and apply what they have learned.

Increased engagement: Engaging in activities outside the classroom can help students become more motivated and excited about learning.

Development of life skills: Learning outside the classroom can help students develop important life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Exposure to diverse perspectives: Learning in a classroom can be limiting to some young people, whereas outside the classroom can expose students to a more diverse range of perspectives and ideas.

Improved mental and physical well-being: Being in nature, engaging in physical activities and other such activities can lead to improved physical and mental well-being.

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Quick Facts

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Learning outcomes met?

We will work with you to meet your curriculum needs

Equipment and respources?

All included in your package

Are 1 off activities available

Yes - we offer some great enrichment activities

Full term programs' available?

Yes - a bespoke package will be created for you

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Just some of our exciting packages

curriculum outdoor education

We will start by working with you and your colleagues to provide a bespoke course that will meet the aims, objectives and learning outcomes of your educational body.
Our staff will spend time with individual teachers ensuring our sessions are not only beneficial to your young people, but to your staff too.

We have the experience and our resources are already in place ready to deliver your personalised program.

Contact us, we want you to see first hand the benefits to learning outdoors.

Alternative Provision

The activities we offer are a break from the norm, all our staff are time served professionals with teaching backgrounds; especially alternative provision.

Our activities are unique, rewarding and exhilarating; often things that young people love.

We have previously worked 1-1 and also larger groups. Our team will ensure correct ratios are in place to meet the needs of your young people.

Enrichment Activities

If you're looking for something fun, exciting and rewarding for your young people, we highly recommend you check out the 'ultimate adventure'. Based from one of our country parks, your young people will rotate around a number of different activities; paddle boarding, kayaking, archery, orienteering, team challenges and more. That's right, you YP will take part in all of these activities and for just £30pp.

Looking for specific activity - Check out the Our Adventures page. Don't worry though, our prices are greatly reduced for youth organisations.

At Gosforth Community FIre Station we deliver a 12 week personal development programme in partnership with the Prince's Trust for 16-25 year olds who are not in eductaion, training or employment or have confidence & self-esteem issues. As part of the course we do a residential week in which we take the students away from the area they live for a week and push them out of their comfort zone.
Endless adventure have provided the activities for us on our teambudiling weeks on a number of occasions now and they have been excellent every time.
The staff are second to none and have a great rapport with the students and take the time to get to know everyone individually. The activities give the students the opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try things that they would never normally dream of doing. For many of our students it is the opportunity of a lifetime to get out of their normal day to day lives and take part in so many exciting and thrilling activities. All activities we have done, Via Ferrata, White Water Tubing, Hill walking, Gorge Walking and Mountain biking all offer the students the opportunity to work on their personal skills such as confidence, communication, problem solving, team building and motivation. It is also a great opportunity for them to get away from any troubles they have at home and be themselves out in the open air.
I would recommend Endless Adventure to any organisation working with young people as it has done wonders for me and my students. On return is is something to look back on as well as the students talk about the activities all of the time as their time with Endless made such a lasting impression on them. The residential week has also helped with retention and keeping students motivated. I can't wait until the next one.

Team Gosforth


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