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We have adventures for everyone, old or young, big or small, everything we do can be tailored to your team’s specific needs. Like all of the groups we cater for, corporate packages are no different, getting your team to work well together has never been easier. If you have a specific goal we can create a plan around it. Some of our more popular options are outlined below, even these tried and tested options can be adjusted, contact us or request a callback to talk about what we can offer your organisation.


The Team Challenge

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Our bush-tucker style adventures are great for larger teams, we can cater for up to 150 people at any one time.

Depending on the time of year, we have a huge range of activities to chose from, including land based and water activities. In the summer months you may like to take advantage of our raft building or adventure rafting experiences?
In the winter months archery is great feature in amongst all of the bush-tucker trials.

Team building through adventure

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Business managers in particular are seeing the benefit of challenging their staff in remote, adventurous and adrenaline filled environments.
Putting your staff in these situations will encourage support, trust and empathy; all key factors to a successful work place.

Our experience of working in adventurous environments has left us with a huge appreciation for team work and trust. Our staff will work with you to create just that.

Team building in the work place

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At Endless Adventure North East we appreciate that time is limited and so is the ability to shut-up-shop for the day. Therefore we have created the perfect adventures that can be delivered in your work place.

All we need you to do, is turn up prepared for some mental and team orientated challenges. Our staff will engage your team and ensure that tasks are appropriately chosen and meet your outcomes.

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