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The Team Challenge


  • Suitable for all the team
  • Transport can be provided from your chosen location
  • Discounts available for add-on activities
  • Catering for groups of up to 150 people
  • Session time 2-3 hours. Plus optional adventure.


Your team will take part in a number of short (10-20 minute) activities that are specifically designed to challenge your leadership, communication, support and many other key characteristics of a good team.
These activities can be delivered through an optional facilitator-led approach, rotate your leaders per task, or allow each individual to find their own place within the team. This can be arranged with your event organiser or Endless Adventure leader, on the day.

Why not make The Team Challenge adventure an ultimate team adventure by adding one of our selected activities.

Raft Building is a great adventure t0 add to your team challenge. Split into smaller groups, your teams will be supplied with a range of resources to build a raft capable of moving some or all of your team across the lake.

Rock Climbing is the perfect activity to develop trust and empathy within your team. Being responsible for the safety* of your colleagues is the perfect recipe for building good/strong relationships. *Under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor.

SUPBALL. Looking to spice things up with a bit of competition? You must checkout SUPBALL.


There are a number of activities available to combine with your team challenge. We have access to venues local to all major cities in the North East.

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